Welcome to Morelli's Ice Cream Cake & Pie Shop!

Clearly, you've got taste and know how to make a good thing even better - ADD ICE CREAM TO IT!
  1. Cake must be paid-for in full PRIOR to being made.
  2. We CAN NOT make Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cakes (too soft), but, YES, we CAN make Salted Caramel Ice Cream Pies. YUM!
  3. All cakes/pies require two (2) days notice.
  4. Orders CAN NOT be made on Friday for Sunday pick-up.
  5. Pick-up is available at our ORMEWOOD and DUNWOODY LOCATIONS ONLY.
  6. Flavor availability varies. Check our Facebook Page for current flavors.
  7. IN A RUSH? Check on next-day availability. Please note, this is not always an available option: 404.622.0210
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 Did you choose a cake or a pie? EXCELLENT DECISION! Now on to your delicious options!